26-X-2016 – Strasburgo: Consegna della Sentenza del TPP su Grandi opere e diritti fondamentali in Europa alle istituzioni europee

Revealing the Judgement of the Permanent People’s Tribunal on the Turin-Lyon high speed Rail link. Unsustainable useless large infrastructure projects: Stop the waste of Money

Wednesday 26 October 2016 – 17.00 19.00 – Strasbourg meeting room S.2.1

Welcome Speech: Merja Kyllonen, MEP GUE NGL Coordinator in Transport committee

Delivery of the Judgement to the European Institutions to Vice Presidents of the EP

Dimitrios Papadimoulis and Ulrike Lunacek
• Skype link with Nicoletta Dosio and Alberto Perino, NO TAV Movement, Italy

Fundamental rights, participation of local Communities and large infrastructure projects

Introductions by:

Curzio Maltese, MEP GUE NGL in Transport Committee (moderator)
Philippe Texier, Honourary Magistrate of the French Supreme Court of Appeals, PPT Vice-president, Chair of the November 2015 PPT session in Turin
Livio Pepino, Former Italian Magistrate, Public Prosecutor in the November 2015 PPT session in Turin
Eleonora Forenza, MEP GUE NGL Head of the Italian Delegation

Interventions by:

Herald Ruijters, Head of Unit TEN-T European Commission DG Move (tbc)

Thomas Dubreuil, Avocat, Notre Dame des Landes Committee, France
Ruut-Maaria Rissanen, best practices in infrastructures in Tampere Region, Finland
Michèle Rivasi, MEP The Greens in the Environment & Public Health committee
Mike Geddes, Professor, representative of the ‘Stop High Speed 2 committee’, UK
Paolo Prieri, Stop Unnecessary Imposed Mega Projects Forum, EU
Marco Valli, MEP 5 Stars Movement in the Budget Committee
Victor Pachon, CADE Committee, Pays Basque du Nord, France
Italo Di Sabato, Osservatorio contro la Repressione, Italy
Daniela Aiuto, MEP 5 Stars Movement in the Transport committee

Debate and interventions by Mayors of the Val di Susa (names to be provided)

Conclusions by Curzio Maltese


Contact person:

Roberto Lopriore, GUE NGL


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