ft_tribunapermanenteThe Foundation continues and develops the vocation for research, project work and engagement in the international arena, which was the hallmark of the Fondazione Internazionale Lelio Basso and the International Section. Using a rigorous critical approach and the tools of scientific research, the foundation carries out international activities that focus on bringing to light and understanding the causes of the most acute contradictions in the contemporary world affecting the life of peoples and persons.
The Foundation works in the fields of history, economics, law, society, and international relations, addressing issues such as the respect for and protection of fundamental rights, the process of European integration, the social and cultural effects of globalization and the economic crisis, democratic and free access to information, migration, and the compliance of constitutional systems.
International activity involves research projects, conferences and seminars, training courses and publications.
The Foundation provides international documentation and information services in the fields of bibliography and archives, facilitated through the use of digital technology networks.
It also the main promoter of the Observatory on the respect for fundamental rights in Europe.
Of particular note are the activities of the Permanent Peoples’ Tribunal, which are closely integrated with those of the Foundation.
International activity is organized into four research and study areas

  • Human rights and peoples’ rights in globalization
  • Integration processes
  • Citizens of the world
  • Europe
  • International Projects
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