[eBook] The EPPO handbook for defense lawyers

The EPPO handbook for defense lawyers


eBook is downloadable here

The new EPPO handbook is online: it is a practical guide for defense lawyers who will deal with cases investigated and prosecuted by the EPPO. The manual provides a brief overview of the main contents of the EPPO Regulation and of the most interesting topics such as procedural safeguards in EPPO proceedings, gathering of evidence, and many others. It also includes the focal points of the implementation of the Regulation in the project partners’ countries. An entire chapter is devoted to case studies.

The manual is the result of the academic and practical skills of the project partners. Some of the trainees that participated in the 2021 “training for trainers” were also involved to tune-up the manual to the daily work of practicioners.

The handbook is available in six languages: English, Croatian, Bulgarian, French, Italian and Spanish. The English version was published as an e-book with the following code:

ISBN 9788894323382
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