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Neapolitan School of Studies on the Rights of Peoples

Neapolitan School of Studies on the Rights of Peoples

Istituto Italiano per gli Studi Filosofici      
 Fondazione Lelio Basso-Sezione Internazionale

Naples, 10-15 September 2007

Title:     Health and Health care services, as indicators of Human Rights.

Session 1    Framework and terms of reference

The qualification of health and health care from the point of view of:
a)    epidemiology, technology, private vs public services, market goods
b)    international law

Introductory lectures followed by working groups (WG), for the collaborative definition of an agenda of priority topics for the school and its follow-up.

Session 2     Health inequalities:  a global view on their extension, causes, implications, [non] avoidability.

Background reports by representatives of the OISG (Italian Observatory on Global Health).

WG, general discussion, linkage with the ”agenda” formulated in Session 1.

Session 3     Model scenarios

–    Mother and child health with a focus on the role of UN Agencies and initiatives.
–    Drugs accessibility and development at the frontier with IPR, WTO, market law, rights of  patients/citizens.
–    Common goods as determinants of health:
* water
* food
WG as in Session 2.

Working groups as in session 3    

Session 4    Health rights as a challenge for individual countries, the European Constitution, international economic treaties and rules, international law.

Round table with the participation of three experts (international law, constitutional legislations, macroeconomy).
Representatives of the WGs and of the rapporteurs will act as discussants.

Conclusions Formulation – adoption of recommendations for the follow-up of the course in terms of proposals

·    for teaching-training at academic level;
·    for research projects targeted to the focused re-conceptualization of the essential terms of reference.

Under request of interested people, deadline for registrations will be extended up to 9 July 2007


Secretariat: Via della Dogana Vecchia 5 – 00186 Roma – Tel. Fax: 06-6877774
E-mail: –

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