Among Fondazione Basso’s vocations is the scientific presentation of issues in its fields of interest.
In addition to conferences, it also organises educational activities for citizens on topics of political and historical importance. In fact, the formation of a democratic consciousness in citizens was a theme dear to Lelio Basso himself. He regarded his library as a tool for permanent cultural education and saw the training of informed people as a key element in the progress of democratic society.

Following tradition, part of the foundation’s seminars are on topics of contemporary history, while others focus on international issues. Socio–legal aspects are common to both area of theoretical analysis.

The seminars provide insights on topical issues relating to politics, economics, law, and anthropology, implementing innovative approaches and attracting prestigious experts and professionals from these areas of study. In addition to the organization of short monthly courses, as of 2005 the foundation offers different groups of young students interested in communications an opportunity every day to take part in the challenging experience of the School of Journalism, open six months a year and held in Via della Dogana Vecchia.

Since 2013, the quality of the training provided has been certified in accordance with UNI EN ISO 9001.

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